Mens Don’t Want to Go Home if You are at This Maid Cafe in Japan


If the people of Indonesia like to visit cafes to chat, eat, even ride on wifi. Different things are done by Japanese citizens and tourists in the land of the rising sun when visiting a cafe, which is only to see the service of the servants only. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in all cafes in Japan, but only those that offer the concept of ‘Maid Cafe.’

Maybe many of you are wondering what exactly is a maid cafe to make visitors feel at home just looking at the waiter? This type of cafe has the concept of the girls who become their servants dressed very sweetly in the style of anime characters there. Of course, this is very interesting for visitors to come.

Maid cafes have been loved by foreign countries

When visiting Japan, you can find many choices of Maid Cafe in the Akihabara area. This region is arguably indeed a paradise of Japanese entertainment enthusiasts such as manga, games, to electronic goods. Because Maid Cafe does indeed take the concept of cosplay, so the workers there dress like maids in the anime and treat their guests like ladies and gentlemen.

Investigate a calibration, and this Maid Cafe first appeared in 2001 with spearheaded by a cafe called “Cure Maid Cafe.” Because the place could successfully stir up the public, other cafes began to appear by carrying a similar concept in the Akihabara area there. Even with this phenomenal concept, now we can also find the same cafes in other countries such as America, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Korea, Mexico, and others.

The manager does not arbitrarily choose workers

Because all the maid characters in the anime are sweet women, therefore the cafe manager takes into account the prospective employees before they join. Cafes will be chosen based on their daily appearance. And who is allowed to join is usually an attractive woman, still young, cute and funny, and also has an innocent or innocent face.

The costumes used when on duty are also different in each of the cafes. But the majority did wear French maid-style costumes. Dress suits combined with skirts, aprons, and certain hair accessories will succeed in making their innocent look even more adorable. Sometimes maids also wear cute accessories such as headbands for cats or rabbits so they can attract more attention.

The food offered makes it difficult for me to “prank”

When talking about the food menu, what is offered here is not much different from other cafes. You can order various kinds of coffee, desserts, or various snacks. But one thing that makes it different is the touch of the waiters who make these foods look cuter with their style decorations.
For example, the girls use syrup to decorate various desserts by portraying funny characters such as cats and even Sailormoon. They can also use the sauce to make our omelet rice even more tempting. Of course, this kind of service not only shows the innocent impression of the maids but also the image of attention to the guests. Happy, of course, concerned?

There are additional services that make guys more go home

Since first entering the cafe, guests will be greeted with a welcome greeting by the servants with their adorable speaking style. When giving the menu, they will also offer a small towel who knows what guests need. Even, they usually kneel while stirring sugar and cream in customers’ coffee. These servants will also invite the guests to interact either to imitate their words or the funny movements they do.

Although the impression is very close here, there are still rules that must be obeyed by visitors. For example, it should not touch the maid’s body, ask for personal contact, or even prohibit taking pictures of them. If you want to take a picture, there are additional costs that you have to spend and later will also be given the freedom to choose a waiter to take pictures. Very exciting right?

No wonder the cafe with the concept of “Maid Cafe” is never empty of visitors, because indeed the services provided can make guests feel at home and always want to come back. Already served by cute and innocent girls, with a variety of tempting foods, not to mention the closeness of the interaction that was built there, would make you not want to go home. No wonder that most visitors there are men who do not hesitate to come alone. I’m single this time!

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