Maid Cafe in Tokyo With The Most Otaku Visitors

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Maid Cafe in Tokyo, Japan, is a unique culinary destination where sexy waiters will serve visitors. In the maid cafe, otaku men’s wild fantasies are realized.

Visiting the maid cafe is a unique experience. We may be surprised to see the behavior of the sexiest servants with Otaku who may be somewhat ‘sick’ socially. But my advice, follow the ‘game.’ All may be part of acting in order to realize the wild fantasies of otaku men in Japan.

The connoisseurs of Japanese comics, aka manga, are certainly not surprised by the comic characters in the form of costumed Victorian-style maids in England. The difference is in Japanese comics. They often wear mini skirts, so-called sexy maids. This sexy servant girl appeared as a character in dozens, if not hundreds, of manga comics until now.

The fantasy of Japanese men seems to become a reality with the emergence of maid cafes in the Akihabara area, Tokyo. This is the center of comics, games, and gadgets in Japan. At the same time, this is a favorite place for Otaku, male ‘nerds,’ aka nerdy in Japan.

We’ve also some time ago came to the most famous maid cafe in Akibahara Cafe in the AKIBA Store Building. The location clue is a long billboard with pictures of beautiful Japanese girls. Cafe is located on floors 4,6 and 7, which operate separately. We chose the top one because it was quieter.

Maid cafe’s original concept is culinary tourism plus entertainment. The standard package is eating and / or drinking and taking pictures together. An additional package is to play various games with the servants, including the new rising game like online pachinko to play and win the game. Although it is a traditional game, but young people tend to like it also.

Maid Cafe

After being invited in, we looked around the room. Apparently, the concept is like a mini theater. All tables face a small stage. Yes, we chose the table closest to the stage.

“Welcome, sir … My name is Meru. I’m your servant,” said a servant girl in a spoiled voice.

Do not be surprised when you enter the maid cafe. You will be considered a master or employer. They are your servants, one maid serving one guest, or a group of guests when coming together. All right, we follow the ‘game’ to realize these men’s fantasies.

As some bloggers have written, while at Maid Cafe spoiled with their servants. That is part of the fantasy of otaku men. So when Meru came to distribute the menu list, I called him spoiled, “Meru chaan …..”

I chose the Mocha Latte with a cartoon from chocolate on the latte. I asked Meru to draw a cat for me. Deftly Meru drew a cute cat. Before I drink, Meru recites a ‘mantra,’ which he thinks will make my drink taste better.

“Moe, moe, kuun!” he said while forming a ‘love’ sign with his finger, asking me to imitate his spell.

Exaggerated? I do not know. Again we follow the game. While enjoying the latte, I watched the cafe. Geez, the visitors are indeed Otaku. In the comics, they are shy, reserved, and bespectacled. It turns out that visitors to this cafe are all the same typical. It’s very contrary to the pachinko cafe where it’s full with older people who spend their money to betting and alcohol.

Maybe just me and my friends are haha. The Otaku only glared at the gadgets they were holding, not even greeting the person next door. But when the maids greet them spoiled, yes. Their faces flushed red shyly. Maybe in this maid cafe, the Otaku feel that they are the center of women’s attention.

Unfortunately, the maid cafe has strict rules, may not photograph the interior and the servants. The only photo opportunity is a photo session with our chosen maid. I deliberately teased Meru and said that he was very special, and I just wanted to take a picture with him.

Snap! We also took pictures with the beautiful maid of our choice. A typical pose is ‘Neko’, a cat-style pose. This pose is considered the cutest, amusing, and affectionate.

One more thing that I noticed is a restaurant manager who is also a woman. If the maid cafe servants are sassy, ​​spoiled, cheerful, and sexy, the manager is rather different. She is serious, bespectacled, calm, but no less beautiful.

Wait for a minute, beautiful girl, calm, bespectacled, but secretly wild, isn’t this one of the manga girl characters too? At this point, my head started to get dizzy. The line between fantasy and reality offered by the maid cafe is blurred. Is the manager part of the ‘game’ or not?

When going home, I ventured to greet his manager. His name turns out to be Shirata. To Shirata, I introduced myself as a traveler from Indonesia and asked to take pictures with her. Apparently, Shirata wants. Snap!

Returning from the maid cafe, all visitors were given a kind of identification card as a master. Behind the card is a ranking visit. Apparently, a visit to the maid cafe is like a computer game. More often you visit here, you can level up as a master. Hmmm, maybe if the level is high, we can tempt Shirata, the manager.

Visiting the maid cafe is a unique experience. We may be surprised to see the behavior of the sexiest servants with Otaku who may be somewhat ‘sick’ socially. But my advice follows the ‘game.’ All may be part of acting in order to realize the wild fantasies of otaku men in Japan.

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